Tesco has no plans to exit central Europe: chairman

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Section 2.

Because its members are widely scattered around the world, the organization shall conduct its business by both remote means and at meetings of the membership. These meetings shall be held, on a rotating basis, in the countries where members reside.

It is a great honor for me to be here in Shanghai, and to have this opportunity to speak with all of you. I'd like to thank Fudan University's President Yang for his hospitality and his gracious welcome. I'd also like to nő nő nő meeting our outstanding Ambassador, Jon Huntsman, who exemplifies the deep ties and respect between our nations. I don't know what he said, but I hope it was good. What I'd like to do is to make some opening comments, and then what I'm really looking forward to doing is taking questions, not only from students who are in the audience, but also we've received questions online, which will be asked by some of the students who are here in the audience, as well as by Ambassador Huntsman.

Section 3. Mission The mission of ASMOSIA shall be to promote the exchange of knowledge among its members in all fields related to the study of marble and other stones of art historical or archaeological interest.

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This exchange shall be accomplished through periodic Newsletters to members, meetings of the membership, and publication of the meeting transactions. Section 4.

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Section 5. Neither shall any member, nor their friends and relatives, receive, either directly or indirectly, any profit from their position within ASMOSIA. The period of membership covered by a dues payment shall correspond to the time between two successive meetings.

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The amount of dues shall be set by nő nő nő meeting vote of the membership in the business session of a meeting. The Executive Committee shall reserve the right to excuse some members from paying dues where doing so would work an unreasonable hardship upon them.

Persons desiring to become members shall submit an application form to the Secretary. Applications shall be considered for approval twice yearly by the Executive Committee.

Exclusions The Executive Committee shall reserve the right to refuse membership to any individual who it deems ineligible for any reason including but not limited to professional misconduct. At each meeting, the Executive Committee shall convene in a special session to select nő nő nő meeting date, location and host for the next meeting, and also to consider plans for other future meetings.

The purpose of the meetings is to allow members and others in attendance to present scholarly papers on their research, and to engage in discussions of these papers and other research interests. Collection of Dues If they have not done so previously, all participants in a meeting shall pay, along with the registration fee, dues, which will maintain them as a member in good standing until the next meeting.

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Members not attending the meeting shall be encouraged to pay their dues through either individual notices or general notices in the Newsletter. Notice of this session shall be provided to the membership at the beginning of the meeting.

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A quorum to conduct business shall be defined as the presence of at least one-half of the Executive Committee, including either nő nő nő meeting President or Vice President. Motions and candidates standing for election to councilorships shall be approved by a simple majority of all members present. Only the dues-paying members or those excused from paying dues by the Executive Committee are eligible to vote. In the event of a failure to achieve a quorum, members may continue the business session informally but without the power to approve motions or take other actions.

Published Transactions Manuscripts based on the papers presented at each meeting shall be published, provided they are original and of acceptable quality, by ASMOSIA in association with a commercial publishing company. The primary editor of the transactions volume shall be the person responsible for organizing the meeting in which the papers were presented.

Additional editors may be drawn from the ASMOSIA membership as needed, and all matters relating to the publishing of the volume are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Every effort shall be made to publish the transactions within two to three years of the meeting where the papers were presented.

One copy of the transactions volume nő nő nő meeting be given at no cost to each author or nő nő nő meeting who paid the full meeting fee.

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A limited number of offprints of papers shall also be provided, at no cost, to each author or first co-author. The duties and powers of these officers shall be as follows: President: exercises general supervision over all the affairs of ASMOSIA, chairs the Executive Committee, and presides over the business sessions at meetings.

If the President is unavailable, the Vice President shall chair the Executive Committee and preside over the business sessions at meetings. The President or Vice President may assume responsibility for organizing a meeting of the membership either during their term in office or prior to it, but this is not a requirement of the office. Secretary: maintains the ASMOSIA membership rolls, handles all correspondence regarding membership matters, and records all motions made during the business session of a meeting.

Honorary President and Advisors Individuals serving in an advisory capacity and appointed by the Executive Committee shall, at times, include an Honorary President and Honorary Advisors. These positions are given to individuals in recognition of their outstanding past service to the organization. Special Councilors: In the event that the President or Vice President is not responsible for organizing the next meeting, the person who has nő nő nő meeting for this task, or the chairman of the local organizing committee, shall automatically become a Special Councilor.

Társkereső grebenstein of past meetings also automatically become Special Councilors if not serving the organization in another position.


Elected Councilors: are elected by the membership at the business sessions of meetings. Executive Committee The Executive Committee is comprised of all officers administrative and advisory and Councilors.

The President shall chair this committee with the Vice President assuming this role if the President is absent. The convening of either the President or Vice President together with both the Secretary and Treasurer or their designated proxiesat least one advisory officer, and at least two councilors shall constitute a quorum.

Only other members of the Executive Committee may be designated as proxies by an absent Secretary or Treasurer. Motions shall be approved by a simple majority of those committee members including nő nő nő meeting casting votes, and may be entertained at either meetings or, in between these times, by remote means.

In the event of a failure to achieve a quorum, members may continue the session informally but without the power to approve motions or take other actions. The Newsletter Editor and Web Site Manager are appointed and supervised by the Executive Committee, and shall serve until removed by this committee. Section 6. Elections and Terms of Office At every other meeting of the membership, the business session shall also include the election of two Councilors.

These will serve nő nő nő meeting the second meeting after the one they were elected in, a term of five to six years.

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In a special session at the same meeting, but after election of the Councilors, the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected by a simple majority of the Executive Committee members present providing a quorum is present. These officers shall serve for a period covering two consecutive meetings or five to six years. Persons declared Special Councilors shall hold these appointments for an indefinite period of time and for as long as the Executive Committee wishes to continue them see Article IV, Section 8.

The Executive Committee shall function as a nominating committee for the purpose of preparing a slate of candidates for the administrative positions and councilorships.

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All nominated candidates for councilorships shall appear on the ballot together with, for each position, an empty slot for write-in candidates. Elections shall be held during the business session of every second meeting. There is no limit to the number of terms an administrative officer or Councilor may serve.

Each may be reelected to the same position or elected to a different position. An individual nő nő nő meeting hold two or more administrative positions simultaneously, with the exception of the presidency and vice presidency. Section 7. Vacancies A vacancy in the office of the President shall be filled by the Vice President.

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Vacancies among the other officers and Councilors shall be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Committee with the appointed individual serving the balance of the unexpired term. Section 8.

Tesco has no plans to exit central Europe: chairman

Removal from Office Any officer or Councilor may be removed from their position by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. In the event of dissolution, all assets of ASMOSIA remaining after payment of all obligations shall be distributed to one or more not-for-profit organizations where it will be used exclusively for scholarly purposes.

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