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Kompatibilitás Bemutatkozásom I have a bachelors degree in psychology and history with a masters in Civil Engineering.

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I served in the marines for 6 years and the navy for 4 years, however I"ve worked very hard to maintain my health by diet and excercize. I don't smoke or take drugs and have a glass of wine socially.

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I enjoy painting, music, dining and dancing and going to a good movie. I own a beautiful cabin on a pond and enjoy walking my dog around it.

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I've been divorced for 10 years. I'm in good health 5'8 lbs.

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I consider myself to be a kind, patient, compassionate person and I'm looking for the same in a woman. I hope to meet a woman who feels the way I do.

I"m pretty comfortable living alone and Ca társkereső oldalak walking don't have any problem staying busy.

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I may live alone but I'm lonely and I'm finding someone to talk to. I've traveled the world most of my life, visiting every country in Europe and Asia.

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I've lived in Hawaii for 3 years, California for 7 years, Florida for two years, South Carolina for two years and Massachusetts for 25 years, I was stationed all around the world while in the Marines and Navy. When I got out of the service I became a Maryknoll Brother for two years and contemplated the priesthood but the shoe didn't fit.

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I've been a policeman, mailman, psychologist, salesman. I've only been married once, to a woman 20 years younger than myself, so we really didn't have that much in common.

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I enjoy being a dad to my son,this of course is my main mission in life. I like Chinese and Mexican food, but my favorite is Italian. Ezt csinálom az életben.