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Click to expand Hi guys, this is my story. We had our interview yesterday morning at szép nő meeting. We arrived to Embassy in London around 7.

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There was a long queue already. So we went through security check, and entered to the building.

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First we handed appointment letter to lady by the entrance, we got a number, then had to sit in szép nő meeting and the waiting game has started. There was a huge screen showed videos about usa, and also showed the ticket numbers called to windows.

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Once our big folder were completed she asked us to sit down again and wait. This was a bit long procedure, took about 30mins.

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After about another 30 szép nő meeting our number were called again, it was the time to see the consul. He was a very calm, young man.

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He asked quite a lot of questions. He was curious about where and why we applied for diversity visa, what is my highest qualification, could I use this in US, how it is called in the US. Then he asked our finances, how we want to support ourselves - so we showed our statement, then he asked about the money. Asked if we have children, if we have a house or we rent.

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So he was very interested in how we would support ourselves. Then he told, that he will approve our visa, took our passports, but because we dont have american address yet he cannot put the visa in our passport right now, first I need to provide them a valid us address by email, where they can send our GC to after we enter to the country. Once they get this address by email, we gonna get the visa put in then they will be able to send the passports to our current address.

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The interview took about 10 minutes. Then we had to pay for the courier, the cheapest option was £ Anyway, our visa got approved, we are very happy.

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Plus waiting in the queue and travelling.