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In the past few decades, teacher training in Hungary went through some serious changes. As a result of these changes, most of the teacher training institutions have intro- duced specific developments which primarily affects the structure of the training.

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The aim of this research is to point out the changes of the training and the reflections of teachers on the effects of these changes on themselves in one of the Hungarian teacher training insti- tutes.

With the reflections of the graduated teachers working in their profession, we could also draw conclusions about the considered effectiveness of the training. Through my own constructed questionnaire I have reached of the graduate grade school teachers of the institute.

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The teachers from my sample have graduated from the year to In the literature review of my study, I am going to discuss those changes, on which the inland educational institutes with some various reforms reacted. Then I am going to show some of the most specific difficulties of public education, parallel with teacher training.

In the next part of my paper, I am going to introduce the Teacher Training Faculty of John Von Neumann University in a few sentences with the help of the regulatory documents in a higher management level as well as of the university.

According to these sources, I have set up 8 egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz.

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These are the following: 1 At the time of my research, the name of the institute was Kecskemét College, but because of the change egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz name, in my study I am going to use the new one.

H2: The content of the matching theoretical and pedagogical course pairs are adapting in harmony with the training.

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H3: Among the subjects underlying educational activity, the graduate students would rather prefer practical courses against theoretical courses. H4: Among the factors determining the approach of child rearing, grade school teach- ers find pedagogical-psychological content courses more important than the others.

H5: Pre-service teachers know and apply the adequate problem resolution strategies in individual pedagogical problem situations. H6: Past learning achievement has an effect on the effectiveness of the further estab- lishing professional subjects.

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H7: Grade school teachers claim they need more courses for preconditioning for peda- gogical planning on their training. H8: In case of difficulty in their practical training, students got help from their instruc- tors at the university firstly.

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To compile the questionnaire and to reach a better transparency of the results, I or- ganized these eight hypotheses into six groups. These were education courses, theoretical and practical part of the training, concrete educational activity, competence, pedagogical planning and mentoring.

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After showing the results in the order of the question groups, I am going to summarize the most important conclusions of my research. The role of teacher training in the efficiency of public education Results of international pedagogical research show the egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz of Hungarian teacher training compared to other countries Sági, One of the common research aspects of studies, analysing the relationship between theory and practice, is the method of exploring the views and egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz of teachers, which is mostly performed via structured or half-structured interview egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz other qualitative re- search methods Köcséné, ; Hercz, ; Aksoy; These international and Hungarian inland studies focus primarily on the senior section school teachers and secondary school teachers, which — as in further on egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz will be discussed— makes the analy- sis of the training of grade school teachers separate from teachers in higher education levels really difficult.

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The main cause of this problem is the fact that the structure and methodology of grade school teacher training and the training of higher education level teachers is quite different, which concerns the practical and theoretical education as well Hunyadyné, ; These studies also prove the coherence between teacher training and the efficiency of further pedagogical practice.

The Hungarian public education, compared to other OECD abbreviation of Organi- sation for Economic Cooperation and Development countries requires improvement from several aspects.

Ostorics et al; With these pieces of information of the state of Helyszíni találkozón lyad public education, we should not pass by the fact that teacher training requires further improvements. Variant provisions can help the further progress of the development of education sys- tems in its egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz stages.

Achieving this target is supported by three areas Sági, ; 6 : a.

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The reasons for these are primarily related to the expansion of secondary education, and they mainly affect changes in the content of training Nagy, To understand these and some further, related problems of teacher training, we have to take a look at the past of the grade school teacher training.

In the beginning, three levels of teacher training were organized. The next level was the training of senior section school teachers and sec- ondary school teachers, which two were part of university education Nagy, It was already visible in that time, that grade school teacher training was sharply separated from the university level teacher training in its egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz and content as well.

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After World War 2, higher education has been restricted and practice became more em- phatic not only in grade school teachers training, but at viccek menyasszonyok education universities as well. Pukánszky and Németh, In: Bokkon: For the structure of Hungarian teacher training the parallel model specific, which ingyenes társkereső és komoly vezető that the development of vocational subjects and human sciences was parallel with education.

Lukács,cited by Bokkon, By beginning the Bologna System, in addition to school practice and special methodol- ogy, pedagogical-psychological education and the acquisition of practical knowledge and abilities became more important than ever.

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In the 21st century, the helyszíni találkozók asztrológiai jelek of integra- tion was applied and two-level teacher training was introduced. Bokkon, There is a generally typical attribution for the current structure of teacher training in Hungary: the higher school level the training prepares on, the more professional elements its curriculum contains.

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Nagy, ; pp Of course, not only curriculum regulation shows differences, but there is also a ten- dency in social expectations according to which a grade school teacher needs significantly more methodological preparation in their pedagogical performance than teachers work- ing on higher educational level Hunyady, ; Hunyadyné, Regulation of the Teacher Training Faculty of John Von Neumann University accord- ing to national level regulatory documents and the curriculum of the institute There are many documents controlling the training of grade school teachers, but in this study I only present the one that influences grade sschool teacher training.

The Egyetlen silvesterparty 2021 koblenz and Output Requirements 2 KKK 2, offer reasonably elaborate and complex requirements for grade school teachers which involves their expected compe- tences. This document groups requirements into four.

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These concern the knowledge, at- titudes, abilities, autonomy and responsibility of grade school teachers. Analysing the re- quirements of KKK I have set up six categories of them.

KKK draws up the requirements on these six areas, which are professional knowledge, assessment, health promotion, dif- ferentiation, learning environment and social environment.

Training takes four academic years. The first unit contains basic knowledge and professional knowledge courses.