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They have never changed since the last years however the meaning of the words and interpretations always corresponds the time and place and the preparedness of the interpreter himself. In the 21th century of the globalized world our Holy Book gives even more instructions as before. Years have passed, the history has given lessons and science discovered new phenomenon which all give more explanation for the verses which were revealed for our illiterate Prophet peace be upon him in the middle of the desert fourteen centuries ago.

This is a real miracle.

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At that time people could accept the words but today there is a chance to accept their meaning. Maybe after years mankind will understand even more. My work is a humbled attempt for those who believe in Allah and His Timeless Truth. The Holy Quran consists of Surahs chapters and each Sura contains particular number of ayas verses.

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For the man of 21th century reading Quran is not easy. Our generation wants to understand everything totally at the time islam haram helyszíni találkozón the aya or Surah was read. In the case of the Quran it is not possible. Every aya was revealed in a particular occasion. Without knowing the specific event the reader can go astray in comprehension of the text.

Therefore we try to give as much historical and authentic literary background as we can. Several times occurs that the similar aya comes back in different context. Therefore nobody can give a specific explanation to an aya at first time.

Maybe we have to go thru the full text until finally we get the real islam haram helyszíni találkozón of the aya. If we take out a cell from a human body we cannot state that it is a human being. Under particular conditions even a cell can differentiate different tissues. The aya is similar. We cannot give explanation for any aya taken out of the context of revelation.

The same aya can give different meaning in another Surah as the cell can adopt to another environment, too. Our history was short and we could not discover our world.

The more we discover the more we understand. Our brain works always within the historical time- and geographical place-limits what define our thinking. Regarding some aya maybe their time of perception has not yet come. Al-Kahf Cave Surah chapter He faced a difficult test.

It was the test from Allah regarding perseverance, patience and persistence. Moses had to undergo different situations without minding them. However all of these events have got their real meaning later. These ayas are about tolerance and hope for final comprehension. It is the way how we can comprehend at least a small part from the Guidance of our Eternal Lord.

This is the first time when the same person translates twice the Holy Quran. I had a very intensive life. It was interesting how life can change the sense of islam haram helyszíni találkozón regarding the ayas.

Sure it was a good decision. It is quite different if one translates a text, one page after another and uses explanations or other books what make the historical events of the different ayas clear, or after Islamic studies one goes across a life what make ayas more matured in the mind and he tries the translation again.

It was islam haram helyszíni találkozón interesting how mind following a lifetime could change my comprehension. Islam haram helyszíni találkozón one reaches the age closer to death he becomes more independent from worldly understanding and tries to find the universal meaning.

Books and explanations open a lot of views. Some interpreters put Jews and Christians in focus due to their deeds like breaking covenant, killing Prophets or blasphemy because of trinity or considering Jesus as God etc.

These interpreters use their blames as politicians who are going to create enemy from Jews or Christians. In order to understand the references the comprehension has to be more general. If Cain kills Abel we cannot create enemy from Cain. The real meaning is that committing act like envy and killing is a serieus flört nep sin in general and we have to struggle in order to avoid it.

Also we cannot draw conclusion from Ayas of Quran that Jews and Christians can be blamed in general due to their sins. It is a mere preconception. The meaning is more general: breaking covenant, killing human, especially if they convey messages megismerni beszélgetés concepts no matter what concepts they are, or judging over people, persecuting them, causing afflictions due to our own extremism is big sin.

I think this is what a Book from Allah saying to us. It is an exhortation and warning against the sin itself and not against the people.

During the translation I felt bitterly and rejoiced at the same time. Bitter, because I could feel myself in the age of the Holy Prophet peace upon be him and his Companions. It was wonderful to comprehend islam haram helyszíni találkozón struggle what they had invested társkereső mondjuk holnap establishing this Faith with the Grace of Allah.

This struggle had opened the way to people for establishing a society based on justice, peace and humanity. There were no question raised like who belongs to Ahl Sunna or Ahl Shiite, etc. There had been no differences occurred yet, no disputes raised around the power and reign. Islam has remained the same as a principle but a few only knows it. We Muslims today inclined to a quite different direction.

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Instead of learning Quran we follow those clergy who are affiliated with political or sectarian views. The Islamic concept today is endangered by the following factors: - Those who are rich of us incline rather islam haram helyszíni találkozón the policy of islam haram helyszíni találkozón than the policy of Faith.

If one ignores the regulations of Faith and follows exclusively the policy of money becomes the enemy of Islam. He cannot avoid it. The biggest pressure they have is their ignorance. They think they are Muslims while they are only Muslim-like individuals. Islam haram helyszíni találkozón of them commit sins which bring them closer to Evil than to Allah.

Their conduct toward poverty, women, children, orphans, weak and their approach towards earthly power and dignity show the character of Jahiliya. Also they betray their brethren who struggle on the way of Allah and they support the enemy against them. Sure, we could not violate the text of Quran and this is really the miracle.

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However we have violated the meaning of the Quran by our misinterpretations. While reading every aya my anger is increasing against them and the crime what they have committed. What a wrath the Holy Prophet showed islam haram helyszíni találkozón those Hypocrites who had lagged behind searching excuses for not to join to the Jihad?

മുസ്ലീമായി ജീവിക്കാൻ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്ന ചെറുപ്പക്കാരോട് - Islamic Speech Malayalam - Simsarul Haq Hudavi

How they practiced conspiracy in order to betray the Cause of Allah? How they established their mosque in order to hide their evil deeds?

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Is it not happening today? It is very cheap slogan to repeat always that we Muumins Believers are brothers. They use this in order to make people to follow them.

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But I say: No! They are not my brothers! As those hypocrites were not the brothers for our Holy Prophet peace upon be him and for the Muhajireen who fled from Mecca to Medinafor the Ansar Helpers of the Muslims in Medina and for the believers.

They are enemies no matter how loudly they shout Allah Akbar! I rejoice, because I had the odds to speak out what I feel and my soul will find rest. It makes me happy to give a Book in the hands of the citizens of our Globalized world what speaks to all of us without distinctions. Be Allah Glorified for the peace what He establishes in the hearts of those who read it.

I rejoice because I know that majority of Muslims feel the same like me. Islam is there in their hearts islam haram helyszíni találkozón with the Grace of Allah it motivates their intentions and deeds.

I rejoice because I can leave a Book in the hands of my children whose life is full of struggle.

This is all what I can give for them. I ask the Almighty Allah to give peace in their souls in this world and the hereafter. Let be this Quran light in our life and in our grave.

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The Surahs are foundational divisions. It is said that the Makkan Surahs primary deal with the basics of the belief and the Madinan Surahs are about the practice of faith.

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This, at best, is an oversimplification. It is true that most of the longest Surahs are in the beginning and most of the shortest are at the end.

The longest Surah is the second one and has Ayahs and the shortest, and are toward the end and have 3 Ayahs each. But, beyond this general observation, one can easily demonstrate a lack of order by size of the Surahs. After the 5th Surah, the order by size breaks down. For example, the 6th Surah with Ayahs is shorter, and not longer, than the 7th with Ayahs ; the 8th with 75 Ayahs is shorter than the 9th with Ayahs ; and the 15th with 99 Ayahs is shorter than the islam haram helyszíni találkozón with Ayahs.

The reverse can be shown at the end of the Book. Surah 95 with 8 Ayahs is shorter, not longer, than Surah 96 with 19 Ayahs and Surah with 3 Ayahs is shorter than Syrah with 9 Ayahs. If this were true, Surah 9 would be Surah one or two, and all the beginning Surahs would be Madani and all at the end would be Makkan. But this is not the case. Seven of the first 20 Surahs are from the Makkan period and three of the last 20 Surahs 98, 99, and are from egyetlen euskirchen Madani period.

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They see in this arrangement a coherence that is suitable for all people and for all times to come. It deals with major themes which are often illustrated with bits of relevant stories of previous prophets and of by-gone cultures, kingdoms, and empires.

There is emphasis on regular prescribed prayers, on constant supplications, on deep self-evaluation, on regular fasting, on pilgrimage, to the holy sites related to the origins of the worship of one God, on specific rules related to equity in inheritance, islam haram helyszíni találkozón constant charity, and on social justice for all irrespective of social status.

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Specifics and details of much of these are left to the Prophet to develop and demonstrate by practice. It does not call itself a book of Law, of Science, or of procedural prescriptions. Only about to Ayahs are related to rules and regulations and less than of these can be directly implemented through legislation.


One needs the extensive Hadith literature and elaborate legal processes to derive legal rules and get them to a level where implementation issues can be discussed.

It was one of the odd nights during the last ten days of the month of Ramadan. Mohammad replied that he could not recite or did not know what to recite. After the instructions to read or recite were repeated two more times, Mohammad reports that the angelic presence held him and squeezed him so tightly that he felt that his breath was leaving his body. Read or recite in the name of your Lord who created and continues to create ; Created the humankind from a clot of congealed blood.

Read and your Lord is The Most Generous; Islam haram helyszíni találkozón taught by the pen; taught humankind what it did not know. These are the first words of the revelation that take Mohammad from an unassuming but generous and trusted member of his city to become Mohammad the Messenger of God, AlRasool Allah.

A man with no worldly ambitions, and unknown for eloquence and speech, becomes the most eloquent and persistent critic of his society.