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Abstract On the basis of examples drawn from seven classic Hungarian film comedies, I argue in this article that the place of humor within the Gricean—Leechian model needs to be revisited and extended towards social humor a know pragmatics to account for a wider range of humorous material.

Keywords: humor ; Grice ; Leech ; Cooperative Principle ; maxim ; violation ; flouting ; implicature ; politeness Acknowledgment I am grateful to the anonymous reviewers for their critical comments that have enabled me to correct and clarify some points of the paper. Any remaining shortcomings are solely my own responsibility.

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Rowling CNN -- "LEGO Harry Potter: Years " attempts to bring together two fan bases, one for humor a know block-building toys and the other for the admirers of the fantasy world of Hogwarts, in a video game based on the first four "Harry Potter" books and movies. If you have ever played any of the other LEGO-based games from Traveller's Tales, you know what you are getting -- familiar characters from blockbuster movies set in the land of LEGOs with all the secrets and humor you've come to expect.

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