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We will go through each category of vehicles and their entrances to Fort Zancudo, even including boats. Cars Entering cars in Fort Zancudo is the cheapest and the fastest method to travel Fort Zancudo once you have infiltrated their base.

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Rockstar has placed convenient terrain to allow those who wish to enter Fort Zancudo in cars gain enough speed and momentum to surpass the gates. Most of these tricks requires a run-up gain speed for a short minimuim distance to gain height and distance.

This will require a large run-up.

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Flight Flight is one of the quickest ways of getting inside Fort Zancudo, but it requires nimble movement to avoid the homing missiles locking onto you from the base, this making it effective to use the Lester Infiltration method. There is no way up, and only one day down to this base, and that is from the depths of the gta flört.

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When you're flying over the base, ready to drop in, you want to prepare for your angle and position, because you're going to be jumping out with a parachute. You want to aim within the green outline in the picture above, because the jets are located in that area, you want to get the jets as fast as possible, gta flört run around the base for 30 minutes due to bad positioning.

Gta flört you're ready, jump out of the helicopter or plane. Activate the parachute using the mouse default is mouse or any other assigned key if you have re-assigned them. Glide yourself to the jet, and you're done.

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The image above shows us the area where each individual vehicle has a possibility to spawn. This diagram was taken from BAMC [redd.

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Lester Infiltration This method is the easiest method of gaining access to Fort Zancudo. This method requires small amounts of gta flört, but gives the benenficial access to Fort Zancudo. A decently fast car, this is needed for the ramp that Rockstar has hiddenly added to the terrain.

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You want to aim for the road out of the tunnel near the top left corner, in-game this is on a road, not a bridge. This is important, because there is a hill that is used to get over the fence later on.


Preperation is key! This allows cops not to gta flört you in Fort Zancudo, this is key because normally, you would get a 5 star wanted level, not anymore. You may not want to select it instantly and allign your car before selecting, this give you the most out of your money, allowing you to maximise your time. You want to try and aim for the hill, the diagram below shows the area more detailed.

Старик не мог даже пошевелиться.

It's recommended you wait before selecting the Lester option for the cops to ignore you after you've assigned your direction. Now you can explore the Fort Zancudo during this time or gain a jet or tank.

This additional information contains gta flört of your next step, which I would recommend to you as a viewer to get the beneficial route on this method.

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The reason why this is recommended is normally, when you have the cops after you in Fort Zancudo and try and steal a jet, a homing missle will lock onto you or the merceneries will damage your plane, but within the perk limit that we got from Lester, we can steal the gta flört without any hassle or damage taken to the plane. Viewer Contribution Viewer Contribution A section specifically for the users who viewed this guide and contributed advice ingyenes tunézia társkereső suggestions, thank gta flört for your contribution and to show my gratification, I added this section.

I will verify if these methods work by adding a verification notice.

Nefret, Arkadaşlık, Flört, Aşk, Evlilik Peki, bazılarımız neden bile bile böyle bir erkeğe aşık olabiliyor? Cevap basit; çünkü psikolojimiz bu konuda bizi sınıfta bırakıyor.

When you jump in spam W or tap on stick to save half a second or so hotwiring. Go straight out of the hangar tiny bit of yaw to dodge a wall and go straight over the fence into swamp gta flört. Go to the sand road to the right of this guide. Super easy even a taxi only needs a short run up.

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The highway launch aims you straight at it and at higher speed.